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Our Story, Our Promise

Khan El Khalili Warehouse is located at 5826A Seminary road in Falls Church VA and boasts over 7000 square feet of imports from the middle-east and beyond. Since our opening in 2006, Khan El Khalili has now become the most experienced and well known importer of Egyptian merchandise. Khan El Khalili’s intricate networks of family, craftsmen, and exporters have made us the most reliable source for wholesalers who want to sell Egyptian products. We guarantee competitive pricing and excellent quality as many of our products are crafted specifically for us. New merchandise arrives frequently from many different countries.  Doing business in Egypt, the Middle East, and Asia takes more than just knowing where to shop, one has to have a good reputation and build relationships. 


Our Story, Our Promise

Khan El Khalili takes its name from the famous Khan El Khalili market in Cairo, Egypt.  Dating back to the 15th century, Khan El Khalili has been and remains a major trade center where many cultures come together.  This historic market has a rich history of pride and craftsmanship that has always catered to tourists and businesses.  When you enter the market you are immediately taken back to a time when there were camels and horses ruled the streets.  The air is filled with spices, incense, perfumes and market food.  Craftsmen that have passed their trade down for generations line the narrow and intricate streets.  Preservationists and historians have committed to making sure the history of the market remains intact for its many visitors.  Many streets and buildings have been restored to show off their elaborate artwork and design.  Islamic and Ottoman motifs, as well as some French influence can be found everywhere.  Ancient and contemporary minarets echo the call to prayer all over the city during prayer time.  Khan El Khalili in Egypt is truly a sight and city to behold.

Now, the Khan El Khalili market experience has come to you. Our website represents a taste of our offerings, but if atmosphere is what you crave or if you need to feel as though you’ve been to Egypt and the far East, just visit our store showroom for yourself. Our customers have said - " It's like being transported to the market! "

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